Lana Hahnemuhle

Drawing Kit

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Carefully curated assortment of high quality materials ideal for the illustrator, artist or draftsperson aimed at giving you the best drawing experience at an affordable price.

Set Contains

1 x A4 Lana Dessin Drawing pad A4 220gsm 30 Sheets
(Lana blocks and pads have been manufactured in France since the 14th century. They are globally recognised for their gorgeous presentation and exceptional quality. The paper is smooth to the touch with a very very mild tooth. Takes well to light washes with wet media but truly shines with traditional dry drawing medium. A store

1 x Sennelier soap Eraser
(always synonymous with quality - Sennelier have created a gorgeous soft eraser that leaves no gum on paper when used. It's size ensures long term usage and is delicate
to the touch)

3 x Lyra Art Design Graphite pencils.
(in this set we have included an HB, a 2b and a 4B but please feel free to message us if you prefer alternative grades of graphite.)

3 x Uni Pin archival fine liners
(Black ink fine liners that are water and fade resistant. Once dry can be worked over with light washes of wet media. A Lovely high quality artist pen. In this set we have included a 02, a 05 and a 08 but please feel free to message us if you would like to
change sizes)

1 x Die cast metal sharpener