Work with community

Christopher C

Christopher C  Kamilaroi People

My Future 2020
One side of the painting is
me going home from jail
with that lifestyle behind
me. The other side is me
behind concrete walls with
cameras, no freedom, a
dark and grey world.

Melbourne Rd Art & Canvas Stretching has the great pleasure of supporting the Torch with it’s Statewide Indigenous Arts in Prison & Community Program (SAIPC) since 2012.

Our role is in part, to send out post release Art Packs with professional quality art supplies. 

It is very rewarding work when we personally connect with the Artists, help them choose materials and support their journey. 

Equally important is stretching the many and varied works of art produced through the program and giving them the best presentation possible.  Clever stretching is transformational for even the most unusual shapes and sizes.  Our skills have been finely honed. 

The year’s work is exhibited in one main exhibition open to the public called Confined.  But there are many satellite exhibitions run throughout the year. 

You can see the works and purchase from the Torch website

100% of the proceeds goes back to the Artist.

We also supply Victorian prisons with quality canvas and paints and are very privileged to work with other community organisations and galleries.