Chromacryl Student Acrylic 75ml

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Chromacryl - the most popular cheap student Acrylic in Australia - for a good reason, it's thick creamy texture allows you to explore painting techniques and colour mixing without the worry of 'wasting' artist quality paints. Suiting a variety of techniques, Chromacryl's premium Student Acrylic paint is AP non-toxic. Great for impasto and palette knife, it can be applied to many surfaces including paper, fabric, wood, leather, plastic (plexiglass, perspex), glass, acetate, can be used as an adhesive allowing you to stick and paint, as a medium for 3D construction and collage, paper maiche has never looked so good. Block printing on lino and wood block - collagraphs - just use a dry foam roller like the ones we have from Jen MFG. Can even be used as FACEPAINT simply apply barrier cream first.