AERO COLOUR Finest Professional Acrylic Airbrush Ink by Schmincke

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Finest airbrush colors

  • 36 brilliant colors including unbuntones, 
    as well as 12 high- covering tones TOTAL COVER
  • 24 exceptional effect colors with unique color effect
    • AERO ® VISION (3 x multi color effect)
    • AERO ® PEARL (6 x sparkle effect)
    • AERO ® METALLIC (9 x metallic effect)
    • AERO ® SHINE (6 x mother-of-pearl effect)
  • Airbrush paints also suitable as "Acrylic Ink" - liquid acrylic paint, for many mixing techniques, brushes, drawing pen, LINER
  • Unique high-wearing SUPRA white, covering
  • 3 BASIC tones for perfect mixing results: BASE Yellow, BASE Magenta and BASIC Cyan
  • Highest light fastnesses (4 - 5 stars)
  • Excellent adhesion properties on many substrates
  • Silk mat and water resistant drying
  • Comprehensive range of products with products from the primer to final treatment
  • 6 AEROCOLOR ® Professional LINER - Leerstifte for filling (with the 36 color tones and the 12 tones TOTAL COVER of the AEROCOLOR ® Professional) in various line thicknesses
  • 3 Water-based finishes: Resistant, scratch-resistant and ready-to-use for the airbrush gun

Excellent adhesion

  • the colors adhere perfectly to all types of paper and cardboard, as well as on common, non-greasy, non-absorbent substrates, Eg foils, hard plastics, canvas and - after suitable pretreatment - on metal