Schmincke PRIMAcryl Premium Artist's Acrylic 60ml

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Schmincke, a family owned company for the past 125 years and have retained the care and quality that made it a leading German brand.  Beautiful Primacryl is the Schmincke family's Premium Artist's Acrylic with exceptional light-fastness and highly pigmented colors. With practically no colour shift between wet & dry paints you have a much greater control over the finished painting.  Heavy pigment load gives intensity to colors.

  • Unmatched titanium white through highest pigmentation 
  • Opacity and high spreading rate for brilliant mixtures 
  • High solids colour: high flow resistance with best applicability 
  • Elastic, contour-stable structures after drying  
  • Almost no colour shift after drying 
  • Waterproof and highly resistant after drying