Painting Kit


Painting set.

Quality materials. Ideal for beginners interested in exploring the pleasure and possibilities of acrylic paint. The Japanese Sakura colour acrylic set contains 12 high quality opaque and transparent colours that will sing on your canvas. A great gift idea for that special person with an artistic talent.

Kit Contains

1 x Sakura Acrylic paint set. Colours included are
- Titanium White (opaque)
- Yellow (opaque)
- Pale Orange (opaque)
- Burnt Sienna (opaque)
- Vermillion (transparent)
- Red (opaque)
- Violet (transparent)
- Cobalt Blue (opaque)
- Pthalo Blue (transparent)
- Yellow Green (transparent)
- Pthalo Green (transparent)
- Black (opaque)

1 x Art Basics Flat Brush Set.

1 x Artec Oil Sketch canvas Paper Pad 12 sheets A4
A paper pad designed especially for painting. A textured surface that can be worked
into over and over again. Artec make

1 x Art Spectrum Colour Keeper palette