Rabbit Skin Glue 500g


Rabbit Skin Glue is the traditional size for coating linen, cotton canvas and paper or wood before coating with a white ground such as oil based gesso. It is not usually coated with acrylic paint. . Modern replacements do not stiffen and tighten the canvas as well as rabbit skin glue does, so some artists still prefer to use rabbit skin glue.

Disolve one part Rabbit Skin Granules with 10-15 parts water in a heat proof glass dish or jar. Allow the water to be absorbed - generally overnight. Gently heat in a double boiler or a saucepan of hot water - never let the glue come into direct contact with heat source and never do as i have done and let it boil over - the smell is indescribably bad & will linger for days. Apply when warm, not hot, onto the surface to be painted, maybe two to three fine coats A weaker solution is ok for paper. If you want to check the consistency heat gently in a pan of hot water until melted and leave over night. The glue should be set but able to separate between your thumb and forefinger. Reheat until warm but never boiling. Brush on making sure glue leaves no pin prick holes.