Raphael Softacryl Spalter Brush 280 for Smooth Smooth Work


The Raphael Softacryl Spalter Brush is designed for Smooth Smooth Work Suits Acrylic, Gouache & Varnishing. The Spalter Brush is a flat shape (20 - 100mm) that is one of the most commonly used brushes in faux finishing. The spalter brush is specifically used for dragging and softening glazes and stains as well as creating subtle strié effects

It is a thick brush: better paint load

Boasts a stainless steel ferrule

Has a Lacquered handle with an ultraviolet varnish

Each stage of manufacturing quality assured

A very good quality spalter performed with soft and supple synthetic hair making it ideal for liquid spalter

acrylics and acrylic inks as fluid acrylic,

poly fluid, aero color etc. for smooth smooth work.