Shellac Flakes 250gm


Shellac was historically used as a protective coating on paintings. It does however leave a dark golden glaze to is primarily used on wood and to coat the back of copper plates for printmaking. Directions for use You will need One litre methylated spirits 250g Shellac A one litre can or jar, resealable Add 250 grams of Shellac to 3/4 of a litre of the methylated spirits and stir. It will dissolve in about two hours. Use the balance of the methalated spirits to make up for evaporation. To clean up use methylated spirits for brush and wiping. Preparation is everything! A clean surface should be rubbed back with 0000 fine steel wool or very fine sandpaper until the surface is silky smooth. Three coats of shellac are recommended. Cut with steel wool or fine sandpaper between each coat and after last coat. Wipe dust off each time.