Speedball Calligraphy Nib - Brass/Steel

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For over 100 years Speedball has handcrafted nibs for the calligrapher, letter and drawing artist. 

In the early days of the twentieth century, lettering signs, show cards and movie titles was laborious and time consuming, due to the only available tools – small brushes and fine pens.

Letters needed to be outlined and then filled in. Ross F. George developed a nib with a reservoir, which he worked on perfecting with famed letterer William Hugh Gordon. It was nicknamed “Speedball” because of the speed of the pen, which reportedly cut time working in half.

The first pen points they produced were the square ”A” style nibs, followed closely by the rounded “B” nibs, and not long after by the broad-edged “C” style and oval “D” style nibs. 


A Square - A0-A5 Block/Gothic

B Round, bell end - B0-B6 Gothic/Borders

C Flat, sharp end - C0-C6 Roman/Italics/Scrolls


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