Turpenoid Natural


An effective nontoxic brush cleaner, gentle brush reconditioner and medium*.

Turpenoid® Natural was designed for artists and students as a safer alternative to traditional and harmful solvents associated with oil painting.  AP Nontoxic, nonflammable and with no harmful odors, Turpenoid® Natural is safe for artists of all ages and will not irritate skin. It will effectively clean and gently recondition brushes and rinses out with plain water. Turpenoid® Natural may also be used as a medium within recommended guidelines.

When used as a medium, paint to Turpenoid® Natural ratio should not exceed 4:1.

•  Gentle, effective brush cleaner and reconditioner

• Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-combustible

• Effective painting medium when used within guidelines

• Emits no harmful vapors and requires no special ventilation

• Rinses cleanly with plain water

• Safe for artists of all ages